Bulgarian overseas visit (Departure) Japanese
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Certificate of crossing
The North Pole

On September 16 in 1968

This was first business trip to ZIT in Bulgaria. An airplane took off from Haneda in Tokyo at 22:30. After Stopped at Anchorage for an hour, the plane took a flight to London. I have not boarded an airplane before. So I just admired a huge lump of iron flying in the sky but nothing afraid. Scenery from a window of the plane was just cloud which made me feel the plane stopped in the sky. Flight is wonderful!

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Heathrow airport Charles de Gaulle
International Airport
Which is flight to Sofia ?

Stopped at London for an hour, the airplane took a flight to Paris. I went to a local airport to take a TABOS. I've had time for four hour in Paris but that was not to go sightseeing. Because I couldn't speak French and didn't know how to get a local airport. I've asked local people with gesticulation to get there somehow. After that, I took a TABOS to Sofia.

I arrived in Sofia at 18:00 on september 17 in 1968. A local representative and his family, my co-wokers came there to meet me. Their face gave me relief and made me feel arriving in Sofia finally.

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