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As for this album, I went to ZIT in Bulgaria on a business trip
to local adjustment of a computer and I completed a safe
duty and received it in the case of return home.

I file a state of a Bulgarian overseas visit period in this album.

        On June 4 in 2005

At the biginning
Visit to a trade fiar for study
Mr.Kawamura return to Japan
Take a trip to Beograd
To Vitocha
Mr.Shimogaki and Koutarou return to Japan
Travel from Sofia to Zurich
10 Travel from Zurich to Milano
11 Travel from Milano to Monaco
12 Travel from Monaco to Roma
13 To Vitocha with all of ZIT
14 Make a jurney to Greece and Istanbul
15 Return to Japan

                                                 Translated by Shigemichi.

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