Bulgarian overseas visit (Visit to a trade fiar for study) Japanese
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On September 24 in 1968

I went to Plovdiv to visit to a trade fiar for study
which location about 156km away from Sofia.

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After visiting at Plovdiv,
I went for a opera "Rigoletto"
with Maria, Tania and Koutarou.
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In Velingrad on September 29 in 1968
mihoniti3.jpg 392x620 24bit 2005/05/31 13:28:14 41.2KB   toruko4.jpg 906x608 24bit 2005/05/31 13:30:34 78.2KB  toruko2.jpg 866x598 24bit 2005/05/31 13:30:04 60.6KB

toruko5.jpg 403x610 24bit 2005/05/31 13:30:48 51.3KB   toruko1.jpg 1000x581 24bit 2005/05/31 13:29:46 70KB    toruko3.jpg 403x604 24bit 2005/05/31 13:30:22 40.5KB

On Octorber 30 in 1968

I went for a opera "Carmen" with Ekarina, Yuriana and koutarou.

On October 31 in 1968

I went for a ballet "Swan Lake" with Maria, Tania and Koutarou.
I haven't watched a ballet many times in Japan. But after watching
"Swan Lake", I was made to do interest ballet was so beautiful.
Needless to say, part of Prince and Princess Swan Odette were Great.
Ballet dancers who are part of crowns and devils were also great.
I applaud them more than Prince and Princess.
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