Bulgarian overseas visit(Travel from Monaco to Roma) Japanese
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On January 3 in 1969

At 9:34 left Monaco to Roma.
The train was crowded very much but we could get a seat.
Gradually approached Rome while We were looking at the Mediterranean Sea.
The Mediterranean Sea! where a huge and a wave is quiet.
It seemed to have made the Seto Inland Sea big.

At 12:35 have a break

The train ran and ran earnestly. Between the left is the sea
and the right side is a mountain. Arrived at terminal Rome at 20:30
The station was big and I was surprised there aren't any pillars there.
We went to the Hoxford Hotel directly. The Kojis has moved to another hotel already.
We went out for dinner at 22:00 and ate SUKIYAKI in a restaurant ROMATOKYO.
We were full Because it was Japanese foods after a long absence.

roma1.jpg 1000x471 24bit 2005/06/04 10:06:34 100.3KB    roma2.jpg 165x330 24bit 2005/06/04 10:10:00 17.4KB    roma3.jpg 831x620 24bit 2005/06/04 10:12:46 86.5KB

On January 4 in 1969

Woke up at 7:00, Had a breakfast at 7:30, Went out for sightseeing by bus at 8:30
Roma is a beautiful town which is in harmony with the old and the new and lots of cars there.
There is only the home of a design of a car, so various ones ran in a town.

roma4.jpg 438x620 24bit 2005/06/04 10:18:06 57.5KB   roma5.jpg 439x620 24bit 2005/06/04 10:22:22 65.2KB  
St. Peters Square

   roma6.jpg 893x620 24bit 2005/06/04 10:24:30 73KB    roma7.jpg 867x620 24bit 2005/06/04 10:26:32 96.8KB   roma8.jpg 1130x780 24bit 2005/06/04 10:28:52 163.7KB
In the Vaticano
"Pieta by Michelangelo"
"Transtign ration"                         

roma9.jpg 838x620 24bit 2005/06/04 10:34:06 90.3KB    roma15.jpg 871x620 24bit 2005/06/04 10:54:38 113.1KB    
Went out for sightseeing on foot from noon
at some places where we haven't visited by bus before.

A fountain of a conch in the Rome station square
Fontana di Trevi
Piazza di Spagna


roma13.jpg 867x620 24bit 2005/06/04 10:49:12 69.8KB      

roma16.jpg 867x620 24bit 2005/06/04 10:58:20 98.4KB   roma17.jpg 785x1156 24bit 2005/06/04 11:01:06 170.3KB   roma18.jpg 880x620 24bit 2005/06/04 11:11:48 78.8KB


On January 5 in 1969

We've returned to Sofia from Roma safely.

roma21.jpg 862x620 24bit 2005/06/04 11:20:32 60KB     roma22.jpg 1000x505 24bit 2005/06/04 11:22:36 96.1KB
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