Bulgarian overseas visit(Travel from Milano to Monaco) Japanese
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On January 2 in 1969

Arrived in Monaco at 7:00
Booked a room at the hotel immediately and went to the Monaco Palace.
Just then some gate-keeper soldiers held a change ceremony.
Grace Kelly who is a former screen actress might be in this palace!

monaco2.jpg 421x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:22:54 36.4KB    monaco3.jpg 914x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:24:58 90.3KB    monaco4.jpg 860x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:27:34 91.6KB   monaco5.jpg 817x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:29:38 99.7KB

Monaco was a small country surrounded on the sea and a mountain.
But a color of a buildings fits those scenery. It's beautiful!

monaco6.jpg 893x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:31:38 116.3KB   monaco7.jpg 877x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:33:42 110.2KB   monaco78jpg.jpg 408x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:35:42 58.5KB    monaco9jpg.jpg 439x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:37:58 69.9KB  


monaco10jpg.jpg 880x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:40:08 107KB   monaco11jpg.jpg 954x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:42:08 128.8KB    monaco12jpg.jpg 921x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:44:00 139.5KB    monaco13jpg.jpg 893x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:46:04 86.9KB

The casino which is famous in the world running in a country.
We entered inside fearfully. Not to mention the appearance,
inside of the building was also beautiful.
We played a slot machine at first. All of us won 100 francs.
Many coins jingled coming out of a machine.
That sound was very long. I was ashamed of that a little.

We challenged roulette next. Bet a bill on the table
and looked at a ball of roulette turning around and round expectantly.
I expected it, but it was a defeat!

Monaco is beautiful town.
It seemed to have made town of Atami big.

monaco14jpg.jpg 840x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:48:04 82.6KB   monaco15jpg.jpg 408x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:55:56 61.7KB   monaco16jpg.jpg 744x330 24bit 2005/06/03 21:57:38 58.2KB    monaco17jpg.jpg 494x620 24bit 2005/06/03 21:59:50 93.5KB

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