Bulgarian overseas visit (Mr.Shimogaki and Koutarou return to Japan) Japanese
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Our office in Sofia in the second floor of the Balkan Hotel.
So We often went to a bar and a restaurant in it.
hotel1.jpg 414x609 24bit 2005/05/31 13:24:32 38.3KB hotel2.jpg 866x593 24bit 2005/05/31 13:24:46 74.1KB hotel3.jpg 862x588 24bit 2005/05/31 13:25:00 74.1KB hotel4.jpg 410x596 24bit 2005/05/31 13:25:14 50.2KB
At a counter of a bar At a restaurant With a moneychanger

hole.jpg 1000x569 24bit 2005/05/31 13:23:56 166.1KB restran.jpg 852x620 24bit 2005/05/31 13:29:28 108.6KB mikio.jpg 433x620 24bit 2005/05/31 13:28:24 44.1KB
Universide Hall Gorubliane Restaurant My portrait

To an airport in Sofia to see Mr.Shimogaki and Koutarou off.
kukou1.jpg 862x606 24bit 2005/05/31 13:25:58 99KB   kukou2.jpg 893x620 24bit 2005/06/02 14:53:14 86.2KB    kukou3.jpg 882x620 24bit 2005/06/02 14:55:30 62.5KB    kukou4.jpg 831x620 24bit 2005/06/02 16:55:42 58.4KB

   kukou5.jpg 769x620 24bit 2005/06/02 16:58:22 53.2KB
Take a nap

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