Bulgarian overseas visit (Travel from Sofia to Zurich)
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On December 29 in 1968

Traveled to Munich, Zurich, Milano, Monaco, Roma advantage of our winter vacation.

Left Sofia at 14:10
The train left Sofia at 9:10 actually
but it was delayed by the yesterday's heavy snow.
We bought a first class ticket of the Balkan limited express.
The Kojis got off a train in Beograd on the way to Munich.

doitu2.jpg 602x620 24bit 2005/05/31 13:22:14 97.7KB munich1.jpg 877x620 24bit 2005/06/02 22:02:20 59.6KB munich3.jpg 909x620 24bit 2005/06/02 22:07:00 46.3KB munich2.jpg 697x620 24bit 2005/06/02 22:04:40 41.4KB
Ticket of the Balkan
limited express
With Takeo Nishikawa
and Masao
Same compartment
with turks
Take a photo
with them as memory

On December 30 in 1968

We were Still in the train. From a window of the train was a snow scene everywhere.
Everything was white and so beautiful. The train entered Austria at 9:30
A man at our compartment traveled from Istanbul of Turkey to Munich.
A lady at Nishikawa's compartment traveled from Istanbul to The Netherlands.
This lady didn't brought any foods and didn't eat anything all day.
Because she thought there's a restaurant in the train.
When We shared our foods with her, she was pleased very much.
The train arrived Munich at 16:30. Then we ran into the Mark Hotel at 17:00

munich9.jpg 411x620 24bit 2005/06/02 22:09:26 43.1KB munich4.jpg 411x620 24bit 2005/06/02 22:09:26 43.1KB munich8jpg.jpg 848x620 24bit 2005/06/02 22:19:54 106.1KB
Scenery In front of
The Mark Hotel
National Theater

On December 31 in 1968

We left the Munich station square at 12:30 and went to an airport.
The airplane for Zurich was 14:05 on schedule.
The Nishikawas went shopping in Munich, so We went to Zurich earlier.
Arrived at Zurich at 15:00

munich7jpg.jpg 893x620 24bit 2005/06/02 22:16:34 65.7KB munich6.jpg 411x620 24bit 2005/06/02 22:14:24 36.3KB zurich1.jpg 932x515 24bit 2005/06/03 13:08:10 110.6KB munich5.jpg 873x620 24bit 2005/06/02 22:12:12 51.8KB
With Mr.Mizojiri In an airport lobby A ticket of an airplane To Zurich
zurich2.jpg 893x620 24bit 2005/06/03 13:10:26 48.8KB zurich3.jpg 864x620 24bit 2005/06/03 13:12:36 182.5KB zurich4.jpg 861x598 24bit 2005/06/03 13:14:36 166.2KB zurich5.jpg 432x620 24bit 2005/06/03 13:17:02 67.2KB
The sky of Zurich Zurich and Zurichsee Map of Zurich Limmatqual and

Arriving in Zurich, We went to a hotel directly.After that,
We had a person in the train information check our future travel plans.
He explained it very kindly and did arrangement of our ticket.

After went shopping to buy a watch and got a ticket for tomorrow's travel,
We went to a airport to pick The Nishikawas up. Then We had a dinner at a restaurant.
Therefore the macaroni which I ate there was very delicious. When it was 0:00,
a light snow began to fall and heard a sound of a church bell. What a beautiful scene.
When We went back to a hotel, the manager of the hotel slept.

We woke him up to inform it of the New Year, He was pleased very much.
He would look after a hotel lonelily alone.

Four we gatherd at Room 104 to have a little party. Mr.Nishikawa brought a bottle of Sake.
I did not think in a dream to be able to drink Sake in such a place either.
By a program of TV was Takarazuka which is famous Japanese woman opera company.
Do it so, and we spend New Year's Day in Europe. A town of Zurich has many streetlights.
The light was not so strong, but there seemed to be a lamp in the whole town.

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