Bulgarian overseas visit(Travel from Zurich to Milano) Japanese
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On January 1 in 1969

We left for Bern from The twelfth platform of Zurich Station.
From Bern to a top of the mountain was on schedule.The mountain
which did a magnificent figure seemed to meet us with pleasure heartily.
I've heard this mountain in various ways. It was splendid according to the rumor.
The place where top seems to bow cannot express it in a sentence.
If I come here again someday, I'll do skiing definitely.

At 18:20 on a train from Brig to Niano.

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Woke up at 6:00 and left for Gornetgrat to see Matanhol
We left Zurich at 7:08
Station Arrival Departure
Bring 11:16 11:30
Zermatt 12:48 13:30
Gornergrat 14:20 15:24
Zermatt 16:09 16:23
Brig 17:45 18:20
Milano 21:00


Arrived at Milano at 21:00
If We stayed a night in Milano, We couldn't see Daytime Monaco.
So We went to Monaco by a sleeper train of 22:20.
We've got on the train without a ticket between Genova and Monaco.
When a conductor noticed it, he was surprised but was nice to us very much.
A bed of the train was crap but we could sleep easy because very tired.
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